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OMG little baby Joel😊😍 It has to be Joel… Right? Idk but I don’t think it looks like Benji
@JoelMadden: Never give up on your dreams
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Don’t stop looking, you’re one step closer. Don’t stop searching, it’s not over.


This is the last of the day unfortunately :( but i will continue tomorrow as I always Good nights i hope you will enjoy as i did with the photos of good charlotte, i thank you that you like to give the photos Thanks


Listening to some Good Charlotte


It’s almost here!
As anticipation builds, I am seeking some fans to review a song or two when the album is released. If you’re up for it, tweet @_MaddenLove ASAP and I’ll assign you a song.
Reviews will be compiled and published on Madden-Love.com with full credit to you. If you’ve contributed in the past, you know what tends to happen once it’s published ;)

The Madden Brothers in the Inked magazine. The article by Josh is a really good read.


The restaurant I’m at is playing Good Charlotte’s album The Young And The Hopeless from beginning to end.